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Air Ambulance

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Review transport options and evaluate needs

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We coordinate process and schedule your trip

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What is an Air Ambulance?

  1. An air ambulance is a secure and comfortable technique of transporting people who are too ill to journey lengthy distances via ground ambulance.
  2. An air ambulance aircraft is a business class plane that has been in particular prepared for an affected person that calls for significant or urgent upgraded medical help and a quick and secure approach of transport of a distance of 100 miles or more.
  3. Generally, an air ambulance is used to quickly transport a patient or an organ from one place to another as a lifesaving option in an emergency.
  4. The plane is manned by a medical flight team and contains equipment inclusive of respirators, medication, ECG, monitoring units, ECMO Machine, oxygen cylinders, CPR gadget, stretchers, etc.

How Much Does an Air Ambulance Cost?

As you would possibly expect, the cost of medical air transport is reasonably expensive. Our Patient Transport Specialists will discuss these factors with you and will provide the best possible service options over the phone, following up with a confirmation email. The price is decided by (but not limited to):

  1. The urgency of travel
  2. The medical situation of the patient
  3. The type of aircraft in consideration
  4. Advance planning and booking
  5. Type of medical equipment required
  6. The medical team required on board
  7. The duration of the flight
  8. The base of the aircraft and the required sector (airport to airport)
  9. The airport charges, ground handling charges, and government fees (wherever applicable)
  10. The applicable DGCA rules and regulations such as FDTL, watch hour extension charges, NOTAM, etc.
  11. Prevailing wind condition
  12. The prevailing market demand

Karwaan DRS Foundation is dedicated to sponsoring this cost of air ambulance service without compromising patient’s care. It is our aim to offer safe and responsible medical transport services.

Karwaan DRS Foundation can organize and execute medically escorted charters for evacuations from over 90 countries across the world. We provide air ambulance service which is equipped with all the essential facilities necessary for a hassle-free movement of the patient.

We offer a fleet of aircraft (in existing market) for Air Ambulance such as Pilatus PC12, Beechcraft King Air B200/200GT, King Air C90, and Bombardier Learjet 45 for Domestic transfers and Bombardier Learjet 45/75, Challenger 350/650, Gulfstream G150/200/G450 for international transfers.

Book Air Ambulance

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Things to keep in mind while booking an air ambulance with Karwaan DRS Foundation.

  1. Please go through the terms and conditions, policies, and rules as mentioned on our website.
  2. Please note that this is not necessarily a free service, but it can be a sponsored scheme on a case-to-case basis.
  3. The patient family shall check and confirm the financial viability of the hospital treatment cost and ground ambulance expenses. It shall be borne by the patient’s family and all arrangements related to it shall be their sole responsibility.
  4. Please be prepared with all the necessary documents (Refer to FAQ-question 10) involved in the process.
  5. Get in touch with our team or directly contact the operator to get the trip quotation.
  6. Check and confirm how much financial aid you will require to do the air ambulance (please try to ask for the minimum aid possible so that we can sponsor more air ambulance flights)
  7. Karwaan DRS Foundation does not guarantee the aid you have asked for. Again, the final amount shall be the decision of the internal team of Karwaan DRS Foundation.

If you agree with the aid offered by us, you want to proceed with blocking the aircraft via us then the following terms shall be applicable.

  1. The final amount to be paid by the patient’s family is equal to the amount of the operator’s quotation amount of Karwaan’s aid.
  2. We shall be adding our aid to your donation and shall pay the final amount to the operator.
  3. GST is not applicable for air ambulance flights.
  4. Terms and conditions by the air ambulance operator such as cancellation terms, refund policy, force majeure policy, etc. shall be applicable from thereon.
  5. In case of cancellation if any money is being deducted at the operator’s end., it shall be first deducted from the amount paid by the patient’s family and not from the aid provided by Karwaan DRS Foundation. If the deducted amount is exceeding the amount paid by the patient’s family, then the difference amount shall be the responsibility of Karwaan DRS Foundation. Again, final approval shall be at the sole discretion of the Karwaan DRS Foundation’s Team.
  6. Karwaan DRS Foundation reserves the right to cancel or decline the aid or flight at any point in time if the details provided by the patient’s family including financial details (wherever applicable) seem fishy/ inappropriate/wrong.
  7. Our team reserves the right to take legal action in case of breach of any policy or terms & conditions whatsoever.
  8. Feel free to reach out to us by filling the inquiry form and discuss the inquiry with our team before taking any step in a state of confusion. Our team is there 24/7 to assist people in dire need.

Please note that all flights are subjected to availability of aircraft, crew, medical equipment, suitable weather conditions, necessary approvals from involved authorities such as AAI, ATC, DGCA, and so on.

Refund Policy for Air Ambulance Flights (for patient’s family)

  • We expect that the donor (patient’s family) will exercise due care and diligence while making donations to book air ambulance flights, but we also recognize that unavoidable circumstances may arise at any moment in these kinds of situations. Karwaan Team stands with you, but we have few limitations.

    It shall be noted that Karwaan DRS Foundation is not obliged to make refunds and may, in its discretion, decline any requests for refund of donations, particularly if a tax exemption certificate has been issued.

     To process the refund back to the patient’s family, the following shall be applicable:

    1. If in case the amount paid by you lies with the operator and we are getting a partial refund, in that case, we will deduct the aid paid by us and refund the remaining amount to the source account (after deducting taxes, if any).
    2. If the amount paid by the patient’s family lies in Karwaan DRS Foundation’s account then refund can be processed back to the source account (after deducting taxes, if any) or after deducting the amount spent by us while blocking the air ambulance flight such as paying an advance fee to the medical team or for documentation/approvals, etc.
    3. Please note that the final refund will be processed within two weeks of the acceptance of the refund request placed by the patient’s family.
    4. The written request stating the reason for requesting a refund must be sent to us via email address and must contain all the following details pertaining to the donation:
      1. Date of donation
      2. Total Donation amount you have made to us
      3. Transaction ID of the Fund transfer from the source account
      4. Source account details along with Bank A/C, IFSC Code, etc.

    Total refund amounts you’re seeking (as per applicable terms and conditions)

Terms & Conditions for airlifting a patient

  1. All terms and conditions by the operator shall be considered final, which shall be submitted by the Karwaan team to the Patient’s family at the time of booking the aircraft.
  2. The patient’s transport by air ambulance and his/her treatment on-board is the sole responsibility of the treating doctor on the aircraft. It is for the doctor’s decision to allow or decline the accompanying attendant.  The responsibility to airlift the patient will finally rest with the operator or Karwaan DRS Foundation in the best interest of the patient as suggested by medical experts. 
  3. Pilot-In-Command may refuse to allow any attendant, baggage, etc. as per the safety manual of the aircraft and flying conditions as directed by DGCA.
  4. In the case at the time of boarding, the condition of the patient is found UNFIT TO FLY than the details provided, the patient transfer may be refused. Karwaan DRS Foundation shall not be liable to provide any further reasons for the same and shall apply the refund policy as defined by us.
  5. Karwaan DRS Foundation shall not be responsible in case of any diversion and/or delay in the flight which may be caused for any reason whatsoever which is beyond the control of Karwaan DRS Foundation (including permission from Airport Authorities, cancellation of any such permission, weather conditions, security reasons, medical reasons, etc.)
  6. Karwaan DRS Foundation does not hold itself responsible for non-operation of flight for any unforeseen reasons such as bad weather, poor visibility, non-availability of clearance from airport authorities. 
  7. All flights are subjected to the availability of aircraft, crew, medical equipment, all necessary permissions required, etc.

Please Note: All flights will be as per guidelines provided by DGCA


1. Why Karwaan DRS Foundation Air Ambulance Service?

Due to market failure and heavy inflation in this essential service, a barrier is being developed. Here is when Karwaan comes into the Role. Air ambulances can be a requirement in emergency situations such as Patient Transfer or Organ transfer and Team Karwaan is committed to providing every possible assistance.

2. Do I need medical team on board?

Yes, all ambulance flights require medical assistance onboard, which includes a doctor and a paramedic.

3. What is the Airport-to-Airport patient transfer service we are offering?

Karwaan will be providing you Airport-to-airport transfer with in-flight medical support from the nearest airport to your current location up to the airport of your destination. Please Note: Ground ambulance and hospital related arrangements and expenses shall be taken care of by the Patient’s family.

4. How much time required for patient pickup?

Flight activation is totally subjected to all necessary approval from involved authorities like Airport operators, ATC, and local authorities. As soon as we got the approvals, we can head up to pick up the patient. Generally, after all, approvals in place, we can activate the flight an hour from the base location, but it depends on the availability of the Aircraft as well as the Crew.

5. Does Air ambulance get priority?

Generally, being an emergency service air ambulance gets priority in takeoff and landings.

6. How many attendants are allowed along with the patient?

Generally, only 1 person with the patient is allowed as an attendant. However, it is at the sole discretion of the Pilot-in-command considering different scenarios like weight restrictions and airport limitations.

7. Can I carry any luggage?

Generally, a single handbag up to 10 Kg is allowed subject to space availability. However, it is at the sole discretion of the pilot-in-command. The luggage Compartment can also be used as per the approval by the operator.

8. What all locations are covered?

Any functional airport in the territory of India is covered. Moreover, this service can also be provided to Indian Nationals for international sectors on case to case basis.

9. Is night flying is also permitted for ambulance flights?

Yes, Night flying can be possible. In such case, airport should be capable of night flying.

10. Documents required for patient transfer?

  • Id proof-Aadhaar card or passport
  • State govt permission (from DM or Commissioner Office)
  • Covid-19 report of pax and patient – (depending on latest guidelines)
  • Patient discharge summary from the current hospital
  • Acceptance letter from destination hospital
  • ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate from operating doctor.

11. What will be my responsibilities as an attendant?

You will be a single point of contact on the ground and your responsibilities will be arranging all the documents such as medical summary, permissions, and certificates.

12. What is the Condition of carriage for Covid Patients?

If the patient is Covid positive or Post Covid complications are there, then as per regulations it can be only transported in Covid pod.

13. What if the patient got collapses during the flight?

The doctor and paramedic on board are highly professional and trained for every situation. But in this unfortunate situation of death on board, our team will assist you to coordinate with authorities involved in the handover process.